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•  Create your Online Persona

•  Outfit Your Studio

•  Set Your Brand

•  Streamline Your Content Creation

Professional LiveStream Coaching


With over 30 years of Broadcast and Performance experience as both Producers and On Air Talent our goal is to assist in putting the BEST you in front of the Camera.


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Meet the Team

Will Roberts - Will Roberts is a renaissance man to say the least. A SAG actor for the past 30 years, he has spent his life developing quite a variety of talents. From an On Air FOX host, a seasoned theater actor and a Syndicated radio humorist, to performing on the Las Vegas strip with the famed Cirque du Soleil.  All that combined with an extensive background in Radio & Television producing and Will is a force to be reckoned with!

RJ Owens -  RJ Owens is a self-proclaimed "Magician, Actor & Helluva Nice Guy" but that doesn't begin to describe the many talents he has.  Four decades as a performer and director on both stage and screen has given RJ the unique ability to cultivate and draw out anyone's true identity...allowing them to shine like no one else.



LiveStreaming your Passion and Product- -The ABC’s of Streaming your Brand!

Captivate Your Audience and Catapult your LiveStream Forward


Our Professional LiveStream Course:

•  3 and 6 month packages 100% customizable to your needs

•  Weekly Production Consulting taking you through our 3 part Professional LiveStream Course


#1. Behind the Scenes


•  Livestream Creation Who + What +Why
•  Taking Stock Where are you now?
•  Ultimate Destination Target audience & Reach

•  Achieve Your Goal! What outcome do you want to achieve?
•  Equipment check What do you have? What do you need?

•  Let’s get that studio set up!


#2. The Green Room


•  Virtual vs. In Person Dynamics Captivate Your Audience

•  Engagement:  Eliminate Virtual Fatigue Power-Up & Present

•  Energy, Authenticity & Body Language Be 100% Yourself

•  Ignite, Inspire & Influence Your Audience Make An Impact

•  Interruption Management Stay Centered even in Chaos

•  Engagement Hacks, Props & Incentives Virtual Interaction


#3. On The Air - Lights. Camera. Action.


•  Build your Livestream Clock Timing is everything

•  Step-by-step production creation, start to finish Plan & Prep

•  Commercials, segments & interview creation & placement

•  On Air Performance Coaching Improve & Excel

•  Weekly Airchecks Consistency & Follow Through

•  Produce your weekly/monthly show Stay in the Game


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